under counter tvLooking for the Best Under Counter TV Reviews? Have a look at this guide.

Are you currently a housewife who’s glued to the television? Regrettably, your chores might fail to see a TV series and require you.

Technology has the answer. With under the counter TV, it is possible to watch television now. This small TV for kitchen counter makes a huge change in housewife’s addiction. The kitchen function is no more dreary as previously.

TV is just one of the way to view TV in places like boats, station wagon, kitchen or small rooms. It takes less space up so that you save room for furniture or different things.

This guide will outline the measures before coming to the sort of the cabinet TV, that you are going to buy.

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Best Under Counter TV Comparison Chart

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Sylvania SKCR2706BT

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Supersonic SC-1311




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Coby KTFDVD1093




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Venturer KLV3915




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Audiovox VE927




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Top 5 Best Under Counter TVs of 2018

Though there are plenty of sizes and models of under cupboard TVs accessible such as Sony under cabinet TV, they not all are made equal. Where could you buy these? There are products in the marketplace, but a couple of versions stick out over the competition. Listed below are the top 5 best under counter TVs available for sale nowadays.

1. Sylvania SKCR2706BT – Editor’s Top Pick

Sylvania SKCR2706BT Under Cabinet Kitchen TV Review Without using countertop space enjoy the modern media. It includes mount hardware and IR-based remote control. It can attach to the bottom of the cabinet, and you may tilt or rotate the screen.

Inputs and its HDMI permit you to connect most devices. Besides DVD player and your built-in TV set tuner, it’s Bluetooth performance and an integrated AM/FM kitchen radio for connection. Provided in the package are a unit, mounting hardware, power supply, cable pack, remote control, and mount template.

Features included are English, French, and Spanish OSD language choices, functional remote controller, DVD port, ATSC-8VSB (ATSC) demodulation or 64/256QAM (QAM) demodulation, ATSC/NTSC modules, and Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, HDMI port, external input jacks, USB port, antenna FM/AM Kitchen radio with onboard AM antenna, and favorite channel lists.

The Verdict: An under counter DVD player/TV is a fantastic present for any mommy or daddy. In the connectivity to the USB port and the FM radio, this product is easy to set up and mount flexible and ideal for you. Sylvania leaves nothing from the model. Cook and wash go on away and take action watching this TV that is wonderful.

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2. Supersonic SC-1311 – Best Value Option

Supersonic SC-1311 LED Widescreen HDTV Review When considering TVs nowadays ‘large’ is in. That means you may be amazed to find out no less than one small kitchen TV. The SC-1311 LED TV by Supersonic measures corner to corner a 13 inches that by the standards of today is less.

Included in the box is an AC source adapter. However, besides, it operates on 12 volts and is available in case that you would like to carry it on holiday having a DC vehicle cord. You receive a USB and HDMI input plus tuners plus a picture quality of 1366 x 768.

This product is VESA compatible. Therefore, you attach it into your flip down bracket for a undercabinet convenience or even better may mount it. Despite these excellent sounding specifications, this TV isn’t likely to win awards.

For of the viewing position is restricted, the audio is minimal, and the website of the company offers little. Customer support is your only alternative. Out from the package it measures only 13-inches Broad, 11.5-inches High and below 5-inches deep. However, for anybody with elbow space, this TV may fit into smallest of space.

The Verdict: TVs that are little are becoming difficult to find. Therefore, your options are restricted. The Supersonic SC-1311 LED TV is not perfect, but it’s enough functions to keep home cooks amused, and it will not break the bank.

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3. Coby KTFDVD1093 – Readers Pick

Coby KTFDVD1093 Under-the-Cabinet DVDCD Player Review Regarding under cabinet TVs, the KTFDVD1093 by Coby is an excellent mixture of ease of use, screen size, and features. Throw at this home appliance and a budget price can begin to seem like a win-win. However, how does this stack against other 10-inch displays on the market?

The base model includes speakers, FM/AM under the counter radio tuner, A/V input for accessories, and a CD and DVD player. At 10-inch the screen TFT LCD panel is among the largest in the cabinet form element that is beneath. It makes it a fantastic choice for anybody thinking of RCA SPS36123 or that the Venturer KLV3915. The display tilts, swivels, and folds up all of the ways.

It’s white to match in with décor and the standard kitchen appliance color. In addition, you get tuners and under counter AM FM radio, QAM plus a DVD under counter radio CD player which supports a plethora of formats like DVD-RW/RW-R/-R/+, in addition to JPEG picture files. A beneath countertop TV just includes a 10.2-inch Screen, but it’s big on attributes. With the display from the position, a cabinet is measured by it Deep, 15-inches Broad and only 3.3-inches thicker.

Coby comprises a kit which contains a template, spacers along with bolts you can utilize to place the drill holes. We advocate replacing the bolts using cabinet sunk heads since these should fit flush plus steer clear of things like glasses and plates or falling above if you’re planning on utilizing the rear shelf of your cabinet.

The control display is clean handy, and there’s a remote controller. Like every under the counter TVs for the kitchen, this KTFDVD1093 model gets connected to the bottom of your cooking area cabinet.

The remote controller suffers making it hard to use and isn’t magnetic. Additionally, there are brief parting switching between ways or if turning the television. Some might find this frustrating. The clock screen only functions when the item is on.

The Verdict: The Coby KTFDVD1093 is worth your consideration if you have been playing with the concept of the under cabinet TV. It consumes plenty of features.

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4. Venturer KLV3915 15.4-Inch Undercabinet – Best Kitchen LCD TV/DVD Combo

Venturer KLV3915 Undercabinet Kitchen LCD TVDVD Combo Review It appears that television displays get larger and larger, each year. So it is no surprise this trend should spill over with the Venturer KLV3915 coming. This Venturer under cabinet tv is top even though Venturer isn’t a company which springs to mind if looking for TVs.

It is a complete entertainment hub for your kitchen at a small box. Does it come with a 15.4-inch Display that rotates and tilts around 270-degrees. It will be sufficient for a house chef to look at those trapped squinting at portables in addition to an update.

So that it’s never that your door along with the controls of the TV has been wipe-fresh for upkeep, the controller is magnetic. It may be folded from the base item when not being used. The base piece includes some features that are additional, which means you’re currently becoming over the usual television.

Features that include are a built-in DVD player, TV tuner, AM/FM radio, and alarm clock. Are installation kit and instructions complete with spacers, screws and an under counter tv mount to place the holes.

The Verdict: The switch to bigger display sizes could end up being a significant game changer for under also the KLV3915 by Venturer particularly and cupboard TVs. If this decision is going to be popular with customers since the producers are expecting it is too soon to tell, however, if nothing it’s opened kitchen television watching to a larger group.

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5. Audiovox VE927 – Our Final Recommendation

Audiovox VE927 LCD Drop-Down TV Review Audiovox brand is a manufacturer of automobile electronics that the kitchen counter TV is a just byproduct of the vehicle TV. There is A remote control provided. The base product includes AM/FM best radio, a DVD player controls, integrated stereo speakers, along with a timer. This version has everything you need.

Housing a 9-inches The VE927, widescreen clock/timer and also AM/FM radio is an appliance which could dice and slice its way via chores while saving counter space for different jobs. Despite hiccups that are reliability, this is one kitchen gadget you are going to have to use regularly.

The VE927 by Audiovox delivers a list of entertainment modules in a stylish and compact package if the space-saving advantage of a kitchen television attracts you. The display can tilt a full 270-degrees, which ought to make it easy to have a good angle from any place in the kitchen area. The VE927 models have a track record together on reliability, plus confidence doesn’t exactly inspire.

A 9-inch Display may not look like much nowadays, a fact covered by the border across the outer boundary of the screen making it look smaller compared to it is. It is only an illusion, although you could forgive for believing you have short-switched on pixels. A display of the size can be a benefit, particularly in kitchens. It is still large enough to watch yet little enough for being aside when you have had your hands busy preparing for dinner. It features a fantastic trade-off, regardless of the frame that is annoying.

One screen factor is the surface that’s more prone to reflections and glare. Depending on viewing the place and your kitchen design you might want to play with the triangular angle so as to observe the display image. Not a mood breaker yet a coating might consider as a fix.

Image quality is great providing you are using an electric supply (i.e. DVD or ATSC). Channels that are changing is slow, but that is a frequent complaint with the modern digital station tuners. The integrated ATSC and NTSC TV tuners will handle cable or broadcast input, and also you’re able to bypass channels you relabel and do not need channel numbers that are mysterious with something memorable.

The Verdict: You can grab traffic and the weather in the daytime and don’t miss your series preparing supper. The VE927 by Audiovox sports a good deal of capabilities into a box that is there once you want it, but never when you do not. In any event, the VE927 got you.

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Under Counter TVs - The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Advantages Of Under the Counter TV

  • Best Companion: Since people have started to spend time doing their foods, the offset TV is now popular in kitchens. Plenty of the jobs from the kitchen has been repetitive and mindless so that it can help to have something to prepare while dealing with these recipes which have preparation duration.
  • Space-Saving: Kitchen TVs is not tough to put. Models does not demand a lot of kitchen property which might require for serving and preparing dishes. An under cabinet smart TV is feature-packed.
  • Viewing Convenience: Occasions are then swung up for by the TV display when it’d be in the back and way when prepared for viewing or when not being used. This design not just saves space, however, it affords a bit of protection when dealing with meals which dump or will splatter.
  • Multi-Tasking: Another reason is due to the popularity of shows. It allows chefs while following and in their house, to observe their cleaning programs.
  • Size Always Matters: When heading out shopping to get a brand-new TV set, we are predisposed to consider an enormous 40-inches To 60-inches Home theater stunning. This dimension TV doesn’t match each situation’s essentials. Whether the room is limited, however, video or TV watching is desirable, there is a variant TV what’s required.


7 Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Under The Counter TVs

You must reconsider some choices which you would like before buying the counter TV.

  1. Do you will require a touch display is an option to pick the TV to you. Naturally, this alternative is convenient if you believe if you’re washing dishes that you just observe this TV in the distance or not, the display should not touch along with your hands. It’s your choice, choose the very best purchase.
  2. The LCD screen’s magnitude is. You need to decide which dimension is perfect for your requirements, although they’re all little. 7 inches to 10 inches that are above will be that the scope of under LCD TV display. Some version offers display whether you want that large. However, you need to ask yourself.
  3. What television programs or episodes do you wish to observe? Is construct in antenna for your requirement or you need to link the antenna? You must research what sign do you possess in the region in which you need to set up the offset TV before purchasing this TV. In case, TV sign is weak in that case you need to think about where the input will arrive in, although the tuners are incredibly powerful now. Satellite antenna or Cable can link into the TV through connection cable that is right.
  4. Do you need the player? In my view, the beneath countertop TV should have the player that supports sound formats, and all video wouldn’t purchase it. So DVD from the need to have served for under offset TV.
  5. Searching for a place that is most suitable could the kitchen. Select the display and mount it into the cupboard securely throughout TV brackets’ choice. It doesn’t just glamorize your kitchen but produces TV entertainment.
  6. You’ll also consider its weight when mounting the TV. To perform safe, add bolts. You will have the ability to hold the burden of this appliance and have to look at a load of your unit if your closet is molded, and inquire.
  7. You will want under cabinet TV mounts to set up this TV. These are available in various dimensions as well as each one was made to match versions and brands. When selecting, ask help take care. The durability of these mounts will be a consideration that is essential. Sometimes matters such as this allow us to think to purchase the types that are less expensive. Don’t make this error; you need mounts that may support the TV efficiently and securely.


To summarize, a counter TV may add a level of amusement and convenience into the schedule of meal planning and kitchen tasks. Home chefs manage their time and still may watch their favorite shows. If you discover you have a companion in your kitchen next moment and do not be shocked Under Counter TV is all you need.


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